It’s important for students of massage therapy to remember that the choice to pursue this career is a choice to have a unique career.


In a recently published article entitled, “Career Options for Massage Therapists,” author and expert, Daniel Jaramillo, writes:


“Whether you are a seasoned massage therapist or just starting your career, there are a myriad of career options that exist for practicing massage therapy in today’s marketplace,” adding, “When I received my massage license in the mail 12 years ago, I immediately loaded up my car with my table and a couple of résumés and drove to a few local spas without a clue about what to say, who to speak with, or what other opportunities were out there.”


If you’re just starting out, there are all kinds of different sectors in which you can intern including:


  • Medical Placements

  • Spa Placements

  • Fitness Centre/Gym Placement

  • Self-Employed Placement

  • Franchise Placement


Three Things to Understand When Entering the Massage Therapy Field


1. You won’t have a typical career ladder. Especially for those running their own practice, there will be no performance reviews, bonuses or promotions. Your responsibilities and education will only grow insofar as you allow (and plan for). Similarly, independent RMTs can work as many hours a week as they choose. While avoiding the 40-hour, 9-to-5 work week is appealing to many of us, choosing your hours and level of responsibility involves many considerations.


2. You’ll wear many hats. RMTs are put through a rigorous education that involves clinical work, anatomy, assessments and tons of exam-writing. But the work doesn’t end here. As a massage therapist you could find yourself with many different roles and responsibilities- anything from scheduler, to purchasing manager for your practice, to marketing strategist.


3. Earnings can vary…a lot. You may struggle to understand what a valuable offer of employment looks like, or in figuring out what to charge. That’s because so many factors –including your geographic location, competition, and experience level- can all affect your rates. RMTs must do extra research before deciding which environment they want to work in –and where. Working in a full-service spa in a metropolitan area is certainly very different than working for an integrated holistic health clinic or opening an independent practice in a small town.


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