Today we’ve launched 2 new features in preparation for April’s new financial features.  

Bambora Registration
You can now register and connect your SOAP Vault account to Bambora.  This will allow you to process credit cards directly within SOAP Vault for your patients.  With this, you can also require a credit card to be provided by a patient at the time of booking their appointment.  Of course, you will still be able to track other payment sources (eg: Cash, Square, Cheque), but if you would like to process directly in SOAP Vault, registering with Bambora is the first step.  Follow these steps to connect your account to Bambora.


Clinic and Practitioner Taxes
In preparation for the new financial features coming in April, we have launched a new Clinic Taxes and Practitioner Taxes architecture.  Currently, you can only set tax once per clinic, and once per practitioner.  With this new structure, you will be able to create multiple Clinic Taxes and multiple Practitioner Taxes.  This will replace the current tax settings and requires you to setup your tax settings to continue using taxes when the new financial features launch in April.  Don’t worry though, it will only take about 1-2 minutes to setup.  Just watch the demo below.



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