Does your massage therapy business need a big boost of new clients?

Is your online marketing delivering slightly more than zero leads? Not sure why? Understanding how you approach massage therapy marketing is far more important than the individual tactics that may or may not work for you based on numerous individual factors. What works wonders to get clients for a therapist in the middle of Town A may have very different and disappointing results for someone in Town B, and vice versa.


It is imperative that you think about what you’re doing, saying, or being out there in the world because it touches the people who will become your clients.


By looking at marketing through this new lens and thinking of how you impact people in all that you do, it should begin to be clear that you are immersed in marketing every day regardless of whether it is part of your job. In fact, marketing yourself starts from the moment you wake up and decide what kind of day you’re going to have.


Marketing massage is a combination of knowing what it is that you do and what solution you provide for clients and letting them know about it.  

Learn how Social Media Marketing can help you boost your Massage Therapy Business!

Here are some simple tips to get you started:

Get Active on Social Media

Social media has become a great trust factor and helps businesses seem more human. Be sure to execute the proper strategy to accurately portray your business’ persona.

Post Regularly on your Website and Blog

While this option tends to take a bit more time and effort, creating great content helps you become an authority in your space and create relationships with your customers.

Optimize your Business Online

Another way to market your business online is to utilize search engine optimization (SEO) so that your clients can easily find your website when searching for massage therapists in your area.

💡Pro Tip: See how to keep your Massage clients coming back.

Optimize your Local SEO: Reach Out Locally

You can make a great impact locally by simply making sure everyone in your area knows about you. Develop flyers and various handouts to spread the word. Post them around your town to help get your name out.

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Given today’s technological ubiquity, and the success apps and mobile software have seen in recent years, it seems almost natural that the most unexpected industries would climb aboard and rub shoulders with the kingpins of tech innovators.

Massage therapy is one of those industries, and SOAP Vault has mastered the tech.

It was once quite a laborious task of the brick-and-mortar business model to manage client intake forms, scheduling, financial documentation and ensure the security of all files, but SOAP Vault has solved that issue by streamlining all things pertinent to your massage practice directly through one superb piece of software.


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