Overlap your appointments
a little …or a lot
We’ve made a convenient keyboard shortcut so you can quickly activate double booking mode when you need to overlap your appointments.

Double booking is just a tap away
On mobile, you’ll see a new action menu where you can activate calendar modes with a tap of your finger.

Watch Nick demonstrate how to activate double booking

Other worthy mentions

Calendar Promos now default to the last colour you promoted, and displays recent colours you’ve selected.

Calendar Promos now allow you to specify a HEX colour code.

Fixed a bug where the Calendar Promo image wasn’t always appearing.

Fixed a bug where users could not add a Waitlist for another practitioner.

Patient ID numbers are now visible on their profile page, if you click their name.

Superbill is now available even if you don’t have insurers, you just need a billing code on the invoice.

The date of birth field on patient forms is now split into 3 fields (year, month, day) for easier entering.

Sales Report now has a new Payment Methods column, which lists all payment methods used on the invoice which the item appears on.

Waitlist can now have a start date which matches the end date.

You can now bulk transfer future appointments, classes and availabilities to a different location. This is handy if you’ve just moved.

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