Finding Energy Healing Through Ashiatsu Massage Therapy


Many of us seek massage therapy in order to relax, or to work injured muscles. But did you know massage therapy can also be detoxifying, meditative and cathartic?


The compression that comes with the act of massage increases blood flow and oxygen to muscles, and it can help in the movement of stiff joints. It can detox by stimulating your lymphatic system and flushing waste.


Jen Russo, author of “Massage and Energy Healing: Exploring Deep Feet massage, Janzu, Quantam Touch, and Inner Peace Movement on Maui” investigates the lesser known virtues of massage therapy, which is being practiced out on the shores of the Hawaiian islands.


“There are some lesser known modalities of massage that specialize in energy, surroundings or specific parts of the body,” Russo writes. “Some of these therapies call on the healing energies of the universe, Mother Nature and the inner self, but they can all be found on Maui.”


Veteran massage therapist Vicki Sorenson practices Ashiatsu–a deep tissue massage done with the feet.


“She dispenses a deep, gliding compression massage with her feet, while she’s supported by parallel bars over the massage table,” writes Russo.


“My feet have always been unusually dexterous and supple and I’d been searching for a way to put them to work for me,” Russo quotes Sorenson as saying. “The overhead bars allow me to be very exacting and subtle with the application of my weight.”


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