Quantum Touch: Using Life Energy To Heal The Body


With Quantum Touch, it’s about using massage to tap into the client’s life energy in order to heal whatever ails them.


“[Quantum Touch] uses no set hand positions or attunements, although it requires a new set of internal skills that can easily be utilized during massage. When you perform Quantum-Touch, you use life energy to help the client’s body heal,” writes Richard Gordon, author of the recently published Massage Mag article: Quantum Touch: New Skills For Massage Practitioners.


The principles behind all energy healing are resonance and entrainment, Gordon writes. “The practitioner learns to hold a high vibration through breathing and body-awareness exercises, and then hold that field of energy for the person receiving it. Once transferred to the client, the energy knows what to do to accelerate the healing process.”


How To Perform Quantum Touch


The key to Quantum Touch is absolute comfort. Gordon suggests that both practitioner and client need to be comfortable. “This can mean the client is on a massage table, reclined, or even sitting in a chair; it is not necessary to remove any clothing for a session. Sessions can be as short as 10 or 15 minutes or as long as 75 minutes, depending on what is needed,” he writes.


During a typical session, the practitioner will gently hold his or her hands overlapped upon areas of the client’s body in need of healing. “We call this the “Where does it hurt?” technique. (If Quantum-Touch is incorporated into a massage session, you may not want to keep your hands still for any length of time unless the client wants to try something new.),” Gordon writes.


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