You want your clients to feel cared for and, perhaps more importantly, you want to provide them with services that take into account where they are with their health and wellness, as well as where they’d like to be. Effective communication is one key to helping consumers better understand how massage therapy can be a part of their health and wellness goals.


In a recently published article entitled, “Help Your Massage Clients More By Becoming a Health Coach,” author and expert, Diana Hoppe, writes:


“Your clients come to you for many reasons—to relax, reduce stress and benefit from the power of touch. Touch is soothing and healing on many levels. Through touch, oxytocin, the bonding hormone, is released. This leads to a sense of peace and calm spreading throughout the body,” adding, “Your clients appreciate your healing skills as a massage therapist, but what if you could offer them more? You can, by becoming a health coach.”


Health coaches educate and support clients to achieve their health goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments. To put it simply, health coaches are highly educated guides in the fields of nutrition, wellness, bio-individuality and mentoring.


“Simple suggestions such as better nutritional choices, starting an exercise routine and stress reduction can markedly impact the health and wellness of your clients. A health coach is also a mentor who empowers clients to take responsibility for their health and lifestyle choices and supports them while implementing these changes,” Hoppe writes, adding that a health coach does not take the place of a medical practitioner; rather, a health coach serves as the bridge between the client and medical professional. “This is accomplished by developing strategies to enforce real, lasting lifestyle changes to enhance the client’s overall health and well-being.”


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