You learn techniques and skills while training is just the beginning of becoming a great massage therapist. Like any career, those who excel in this field bring more to the table than just talented hands. As you begin your journey of massage mastery and fulfilling your desire to become a fantastic massage therapist, keep these five qualities in mind to reach the level of success you envision.

In a recently published article entitled, “Do You Have the Courage to Achieve Massage Mastery?”, author and expert, Douglas Nelson, writes:

“Some massage therapy sessions are so moving; they resonate so deeply, as powerful and transformational experiences. How can we, as massage practitioners, consistently create that massage mastery for our clients?”

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Massage Mastery: It’s all about discipline

Nelson says that, in his 40th year practising massage, he is greatly interested in this issue for two distinct reasons.

“First, I’d like to be the best therapist I can be. Second, I find the practice and discipline of massage to be a rich source of personal growth and fulfilment.”

He says that other disciplines, such as the arts, have also explored how some efforts resonate and some do not. In music, I have heard it said that a great entertainer gives you the performance you hoped for, while an artist gives you that which you never knew was possible.

“The concert with the entertainer was transactional; you pay a fee and get the concert you wanted. An experience with the artist isn’t transactional, it is transformational. It is my belief that we therapists, should aspire to elevate our discipline to the level of artistry and massage mastery, benefiting both our clients and ourselves in the process.”

He says the path to mastery is paved with dedication and discipline, my experiences with world-class musicians and athletes have confirmed this as I observed their unwavering focus and discipline to the fundamentals of their craft.

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