The coronavirus pandemic has pushed many of us to review how we run our businesses.  This includes a shift from in-person meetings to video calls, which have also been adopted by many networking groups to keep members in touch to support one another through this difficult time.

With lockdown measures gradually beginning to ease around the world, webinars have focused on looking to the future and preparing massage practices for reopening.

Webinars are web seminars – video presentations, often business related – that allow you to share or learn knowledge through video software with anyone in the world. They are a highly interactive form of marketing to build relationships and spread useful knowledge.

Recently, Massage Mag released a list of webinars that can help you reopen your massage practice with as much ease as possible.

  1. “How to Reopen Your Spa, Salon or Wellness Business Strong After COVID-19”
  1. “Return to Work Webinar Series Part I: General Liability Considerations”
  1. “Returning to Work After the Shutdown” (For Massage Therapists)
  1. “Return to Work Webinar Series Part II: Environmental Safety Considerations”
  1. “Reopening your business: Things you may not have considered”
  1. “Reopening the coronavirus-closed economy — principles and tradeoffs”

For more guidance specific to exactly where you live, go to Google and put: reopen massage (your state name) webinar into the search bar to find educational offerings specific to your location.

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