The massage therapy industry is full of options for advanced training expanding all the time, you have the ability to achieve a new level of professional satisfaction by completing advanced training. Investing in yourself in this way includes renewed passion, respect from peers, and credibility within the medical community.


Too often devoted massage therapists struggle to generate new clientèle or retain existing client satisfaction due to boredom, ineffectiveness or practitioner burnout. Advanced massage training at colleges offering such programs meets the growing demands for effective, competent and improved massage therapists. You can learn the skills and techniques to generate more business and improve the quality of your massages.

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Graduates from this program have the knowledge, skills and judgement to provide safe, competent and ethical care as entry-level massage therapists. In choosing this program, you learn about anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, professional communication, ethics, jurisprudence in healthcare, massage theory and massage practice skills. You also participate in lab exercises throughout the program where you learn:


  • Myoskeletal Therapy
  • Medicupping
  • Lymph Drainage
  • Anatomy Trains Structural Integration
  • Oncology Massage, and more

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