You probably have times when hectic schedules and client interactions interfere with your productivity at work and leave you overwhelmed. Instead of allowing these challenges to defeat you, you can harness your inner strength to face them.


As a massage therapist, you spend the majority of your time helping other people relax; your session room’s environment is great for massaging the body and mind—both your clients’ and your own.


In a recently published article entitled, “Feeling Down? How to Remain Positive as a Massage Therapist,” author and expert, David Lauterstein, writes:


“We know in our hearts it is touch that we need—to be in touch with ourselves, with each other, in our schools and businesses, and in the world as a whole. An essential element in all massage is education of the heart.”


Below, Lauterstein gives us a list of things to remember, as a massage therapist, in order to continue to prosper with the happiness gifted from your profession:


  • Through touch, we are communicating more than manipulating.


  • Each session calls upon us to try to communicate, through this most fundamental nonverbal medium, what the person before us may need to most know in body and mind.


  • Let kindness, the experience of connection and actual reality triumph over disconnection and virtual reality.


  • By touching with clarity; as well as graceful body movement, enlivened by our own breathing, manifesting care and understanding of this person on the table, we set the stage for what may be the deepest form of bodymind learning.


  • The deepest learning results in self-evolution. Viewing that collectively, touch is bearing a precious message for humankind—we can make peace on earth through valuing human potential more than profit potential.


  • “The thing that brings human value back to experience is the touching of it with human presence.”—Psychotherapist Steve Gilligan


  • We never know what touch may change a life.


Ultimately, harnessing your inner strength is mindset work. If you’re already feeling overwhelmed, don’t overload yourself with more responsibilities.


Embrace the challenge as an opportunity, don’t give up, actively manage your time, seek help when needed and reward yourself for every completed task, no matter how small.


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