The past few years, the economy has been a thorn in most everyone’s side. And massage therapists have had their share of problems.


One obvious way massage therapists are affected is the change many professionals see in consumer spending behaviors—most consumers spend less during an economic downturn. For all but the wealthiest families, finding the least expensive option for health and wellness will become increasingly common. In times of financial stress, a preferred modality for health maintenance or prevention emerges as less critical than its effect. Thus, choosing massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, Reiki or nutritional support for achieving a goal will depend on the bottom line – which therapy delivers results for the least amount of money.


Jimmy Gialelis, the author and expert behind the article, “These 5 Keys Will Unlock the Door to Massage Session Re-Bookings,” says that he knows the struggle all too well. “You provide an effective massage session helping ease physical pain within a client,” he writes, adding that upon completion of session, you recommend weekly sessions to help keep the positive momentum of healing going. You explain how facilitating postural changes will further ease physical pain with the weekly massage session plan accomplishing a total realignment of posture.


“However, the client simply refuses the weekly massage session plan and informs you that they will return when their pain returns.”


He says that this frustrating scenario creates angst among therapists. “We approach our massage sessions from a sincere space of service and we yearn for clients who value their health to the extent that we do.”


The ability to extend your clients’ care long after they leave your clinic is imperative if you want to grow financially. That care can be movement practices such as functional screening, gait analysis, corrective exercise prescription, kinesiology taping, etc.


Furthering your education in hands on techniques is great (and necessary) but, it still keeps you locked in to hours on the table treating clients and provides only one avenue for income.


“Ultimately,” Gialelis writes, “a therapist maintaining their own regular self-care practice and a high level of professionalism; marketing toward health-conscious populations; and speaking to the varying aspects of health to current clientele will better communicate the need for more regular bodywork treatments.”


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