The New Injuries of The Digital Age


There can scarcely be progress without consequences. When it comes to the exponential growth of innovative technology that we’ve adopted and implemented into our lives, the progress is evident, but the consequence is severe. And that consequence comes in the form of detrimental physical health effects.

In an article entitled: “Text Thumb, Tight Necks—and Other Injuries of the Digital Age”, author and expert Karen Menehan writes: “The widespread use of an increasing variety of technology—pads, laptops, smartphones—has detonated a cache of related conditions, from tight necks and sore backs to text thumb pain—and increased stress.”


What You Can Do To Prevent These Tech-Related Injuries


Massage therapy can provide the damage control needed to combat text thumb and other injuries of the digital age.


“Anyone who uses a smartphone, pad, joystick, laptop or desktop computer does not need to wait until the cumulative effects of digital device use explodes into a stiff neck, painful hands or emotional stress. Regular massage therapy can defuse those effects and keep one’s mind and body ready for the next challenge—or device—of the digital age,” Menehan writes.


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