We launched SMS and Voice appointment reminders back in 2017, and it’s prevented countless missed appointments. Today Noterro sends thousands of SMS and Voice reminders everyday, including yours. In order to welcome more of Noterro’s features that will make use of SMS and Voice messaging capabilities, we are announcing a change to the sending capacity.

Starting January 1, 2021, for Canadian and US clinics, SMS and Voice messages will each have a sending capacity of 1,000 messages over a rolling 30-day period. For 99% of clinics, including yours, this will mean no changes to the amount you are billed for SMS or Voice messaging. If you require more than the 1,000 SMS or 1,000 Voice messaging sending capacity, then we can increase your sending capacity in blocks of 1,000 at a rate of $3/month. Sending capacities are separated by service, so you could have a SMS capacity of 2,000 and Voice capacity of 1,000.

Do I need to do anything?
No, you can continue to use Noterro’s SMS or Voice reminder messages as you always have.

How will I know if I’m nearing my sending capacity?
In Noterro, click your Profile Photo or Initials in the top right corner. Your sending capacity is indicated there.

What is a capacity over a rolling 30-day period?
Sending capacity over a rolling period is one where, at the moment in which a message is to be sent out, Noterro will ensure that your account has not sent more than the capacity in the past 30-days. This is less volatile to exhausting messages on a monthly plan and waiting for a renewal date.

What if I exceed my sending capacity?
You will be notified by email if a message could not be delivered due to hitting your sending capacity.

How do I increase my sending capacity?
To increase your sending capacity for SMS or Voice messaging, you would need to email us at support@noterro.com with the desired increased limit in increments of 1,000.

We are grateful that you choose Noterro to run your clinic. This change enables us to keep up with the growing demand for SMS and Voice notification features (yes, beyond just appointment reminders) and remain focused on building Noterro for the future.

Thank you,
Your Noterro Team

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