Big improvements are coming to multiple locations.   In a release targeted for next week, you will be able to add and edit a list of multiple locations within your clinic.  These locations can be used on appointments and availabilities in the form of a dropdown menu selection, rather than a textbox.  We know this has been a cumbersome solution at best, which is why we’re making this change.  As a result, we will be sunsetting the current “Location” textbox field on appointments and availabilities.  Not to worry though, transitioning from textbox Locations to structured Locations will be simple, here’s a demo video explaining it.  Also, you’ll be able to assign locations to patient invoices and transactions.

What if I don’t have multiple locations?  
Glad you asked!  There is nothing you’ll need to do.  Once fully rolled out, questions related to locations will only be asked if you have more than one enabled location.  You can stop here, but feel free to continue reading if you’re interested.

How will I transition from textbox Locations to structured Locations?
It’s a simple 2 stage process.  Once we release the first stage, you’ll have the ability to add all of your structured Locations.  Then you can set the structured Location on any appointments and availabilities.  Keep in mind that these structured Locations will not yet be in use for Online Booking, this is to give you time to be able to set your locations correctly before the switchover date.  We’ve made a demo video explaining all of this.

What about the thousands of appointments or availabilities already in my calendar?
Good thinking!  We’ve created a Migration Tool for this.  Once you’ve created all your structured Locations, head over to the migration tool and you can bulk assign your textbox Locations to the appropriate structured Location.  Should take less than a minute to do.  Did we mention there is a demo video?

How are patient invoices and transactions affected?
If you have more than 1 enabled location, then you’ll have the option of selecting which location the invoice or transaction is for.

To make it even simpler, here is your multiple location switchover checklist, in order:

  1. Noterro releases Stage 1.
  2. You add all of your locations.
  3. You use the migration tool to update all your existing appointments and availabilities.
  4. You set the structured location for any newly created appointments or availabilities.

That’s it, when stage 2 releases you’ll already be ready to go.

Some things are just easier to watch in a video.

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