We’ve heard a lot of great feedback since the initial release of Snapshots, and we’re happy to be rolling out many of your suggestions.  Next week we’ll be updating Snapshots. 

Part of this update will be to allow you to send Intake Form responses directly to Snapshots without having to first Pin them.  Although, pinning will still be an option. 

In a subsequent update (this one is still a few weeks away) when we release custom Forms, you’ll have the ability to Auto-Pin or Auto-Snapshot responses to questions asked on your custom Forms.  This means that anytime a patient responds to questions which are set to Auto-Pin or Auto-Snapshot, they will automatically be Pinned or Snapped to their profile.

Wait, what the heck are custom Forms?
Custom Forms is the long-awaited feature which will allow you to build your own Forms, with your own questions, among a variety of question types like checkboxes, text fields, menus and ranges.  As mentioned above, this is still a few weeks away but coming soon.

Check out the demo below of the new workflow options.

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