The word “niche” is derived from the French word “nicher” meaning to nest, where a person or thing is best fitted.


In the marketplace, the word refers to being specialized, setting something or someone apart from the competition.


Has this brief description made you picture anything in your mind’s eye? Has it got you thinking? What do people think of when they consider your service? Do they lump you in with the rest of the competition?


In a recently published article entitled, “Massage Therapy Career Niche: finding it, marketing services, and enjoying the benefits!” the undisclosed author writes of carving out your niche:


“Out of all the different types of massage therapy you have learned, choose the one that is most interesting and one you would enjoy practicing on a regular basis,” adding, “And take it a step beyond that. What type of massage do you see yourself growing your business with, marketing to potential clients, or maybe even learning advanced levels over a period of a few years? Or, what type of massage can you learn and then add your own techniques to make it a specialized “niche” that only you practice?”


Try doing something nobody else does by creating a perceived point of difference, and whatever massage therapy career niche you choose, make sure it is something you enjoy.


The next step is to get the appropriate training to learn that niche skillset that will set you apart.


“Getting the training to work in your massage therapy career niche may sound easy, but finding the right classes, that will teach you skills, proper techniques, and how to market your training is another story, the author writes, adding, “Search for “well-known” CE providers in the niche you wish to study. Those who are known to provide good instruction in the classroom or online are usually the instructors who provide all skills needed to begin practicing the massage specialty immediately, as well as provide information on how to market your services.”


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