Yup, we know that the request for bulk receipts tend to increase toward the end of the year.  Well, now you can email a date range of receipts to your patients in just a few clicks!  Learn more.

A few other updates

We’ve added posterior head diagrams as well.

Patient Alerts now appear when you hover over their appointment.

You can now manage the sequence of your Payment Methods.

Just a reminder, later this month you will have the option to require patients to prepay, partially pay or hold a credit card when booking an appointment.  This requires a Bambora account, register ahead of time to be ready to use this feature when it’s available.  Bambora’s fees are simple.  No setup, monthly, or hidden fees, just pay for what you process at 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

Thank you for your continued support and suggestions!
Your SOAP Vault Team

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