We’ve deployed our latest updates to SOAP Vault today.  Please read below for the details.

  • Arrived & No Show Tracking – You can now track at the appointment level whether or not a patient has Arrived or was a No Show for an appointment.  From the patient’s profile page you will be able to see their “Arrival Rate”.  Also, you can see the entire clinic’s “Arrival Rate” on the Analytics page.  When booking a new appointment, you will notice a warning icon if the patient’s previous appointment was a No Show.
  • Auto-Save Indicator – Within the SOAP Note (but coming soon to other areas as well) we auto-save form fields.  We’ve added a small indicator of this after each saves, next to the form fields.
  • Repeating Appointment Bookings with Conflicts – When booking a repeating appointment, if there are conflicts in some of the future appointments, you now have the option to book the remaining appointments which do not have conflicts.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Thanks for all the suggestions and keep an eye out for more updates!


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