We’ve just launched a new feature, Patient user account management!  This might sound like old news, Patient’s could already login and book appointments.  That’s true, but managing these accounts was a bit tricky.  Now it’s much simpler.  You have more control over these patient user accounts within your clinic!

Patient User Accounts
Patient user accounts aren’t new, but now its easier to manage them.  Also, you can easily associate more than one user account with a patient.  This is helpful when the patient is being booked on behalf of someone else (eg: a child is being booked by one of their parents).  

A few more improvements include:

  • SMS character limit has been increased to 230 characters.
  • Speed improvements on some high-traffic pages.
  • We’ve opened up more reports to expired clinics.
  • General usability improvements and bug fixes.
Thank you,
Your SOAP Vault Team

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