Maximum Treatments or Treatment Hours per Day
We’ve been hearing from many of you about this feature, it’s finally here! You now have the ability to limit the number of appointments or hours per day. This is applied on a per practitioner basis.

One thing to keep in mind is that the hours booked is based on the treatment time. So a 60 minute treatment with 15 minutes of recovery time will only count as 60 minutes towards your daily maximum. Learn more.

Appointment Hovers

Appointment Hovers
We’ve made some changes to appointment hovers to expose more details as well as optimize the placement of existing information.


When printing an invoice, if you have a Business Number, it’s now displayed.

Appointment Report now contains the patient’s phone number, this is handy if you need to keep a COVID-19 contact tracing log.

When paying an invoice, you now have the option to “Show Upcoming Appointments” at the time of paying and issuing a receipt. This was already available when printing an invoice/receipt just not during the workflow of applying a payment.

Appointment emails sent to patients which contain the Price variable in the message now have the default tax applied to the price if one is set.

The Appointment Changed email template has 2 new variables, the appointment’s previous date and the previous appointment’s start time. This makes it easier for writing your Appointment Changed email template to add context about which appointment was changed.

The Intake Form email Notification Template now allows you to place the name of the Intake Form in the subject line of the email.

Fixed a bug on some versions of iOS where intake form agreements could not be viewed.

Squashed a bug where the skip-forward to the next available date didn’t select correctly if you were using the multi-location feature. spoiler alert the multi-location feature is getting a much needed upgrade in a few weeks.

Fixed a bug in Firefox where you couldn’t download some reports to CSV.

We’ve tidied up some code with the SOAP note tagger to function better on touch devices.

We’ve sped up a number of financial reports throughout the system. Most notably the Accounts Receivables report.

That’s all folks! Stay tuned for more ongoing updates.
-Your Noterro Team

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