Wait… which location was that at?
It’s been a few weeks since the launch of the Multiple Locations feature, the positive feedback has been amazing, thank you!  With this feature in place, we are now able to release followup features.  Today is the first of that.  You can now filter your calendar by Location.  Previously you could only see Availabilities and Appointments at all locations at once, although that’s still an option.  If you have multiple locations enabled, you’ll see a new fancy menu on your calendar’s sidebar.

SHIFT + F to Search
We’ve optimized the search feature which can also be triggered by pressing SHIFT + F.  It’s also super fast. βš‘


We’ve optimized the performance of the calendar to load a bit quicker.
The appointment hover is now more consistent with the slide-out view.
A bug has been squashed for users who’s External Calendar was not syncing properly with Google Calendar.
Admins now have a new notification preference, they can be notified of cancelled appointments.
We’ve fixed a bug where Assistants may not have received email notifications of appointments booked online.
You can now customize the content of the Agreement’s email notification.
When restricting online booking to existing patients only, you can now customize the message presented.
Your online booking homepage now displays a list of your online booking locations.
When patients complete their intake form, the first name and last name are locked.  This prevents issues where patients who share email addresses may complete the wrong intake form.
We’ve made the error messaging more clear for patients while filling in their intake forms.
The intake form print view has been optimized.  Less paper, yay!
On the final page of online booking, if the patient tries to leave, they’re notified that they haven’t finished booking.  This should help in situations where patients thought they booked but didn’t complete the last step.
Some larger clinics were having problems with the Account Credit report, we squashed that bug.
We’ve added more options of infection prevention questions to track on a clinical note. 😷

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more updates.
-Your Noterro Team

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