Structured Multi-Locations (stage 2) are now released!
Locations both inside your calendar an within Online Booking are now fully based off the Structured Locations, available as a dropdown menu on your appointments.  We still recommend all clinics (including single location and clinics not using online booking) to perform 1 final Location Migration to be certain that all your appointments and availabilities are migrated.

What if I don’t migrate my locations?
Patients will not be able to book online since it’s now based off structured locations.

Why don’t I see the location dropdown on invoices or appointments?
If you only have 1 enabled location, this location is automatically set on invoices and appointments, so the location question isn’t asked.

What if I’m a mobile practitioner?
We recommend setting a generic address if you are a mobile practitioner.  Learn more.

That’s all for now, we’ll be in touch with more updates again soon!
-Your Noterro Team

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