Zachary Zaborowski is going to ❤️ this!
Alphabetical order is great, but listing your practitioners this way doesn’t always feature them in the desired order.  You now can choose either alphabetical or a custom order for your practitioners listed on Online Booking.  Learn more
Noterro’s Patient Profiles got a bit of a refresh
While we have a lot more planned to improve the patient profile, this is just a first step to a new interface.  Lots more creative work to come! 🎨


When a patient booking online is on the final screen, if they attempt to leave without confirming their booking they will get a warning, letting them know that they haven’t completed it yet.
Practitioners and Assistants who have the ability to manage other calendars can now receive notifications of new booked or cancelled appointments, triggered either by the patient or another staff member.  As a side note, this is defaulted to “on”, so if you prefer not to receive these notifications, you can turn them off.  Sorry if you received a bunch of unnecessary notifications! 😳
Invoices and transactions which were processed via Square or Bambora now show the card type, and expiry of the card used, when available.
Services and Invoice Items can now have 3 decimal places.  This is helpful when you want to control the rounding-up or rounding-down of a specific price, so you can get an exact after-tax amount.
Agreement Templates now have access to more patient variables.
The Practitioner Sales Report now includes the balance of the invoice that the item is on.  This helps identify if the practitioner’s service was paid for.  Handy for those who pay practitioners based on funds received.
Fixed a bug where Admins who were not also Practitioners would not receive some email notifications.
A few other minor bug fixes and usability improvements.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more updates.
-Your Noterro Team

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