Reduce gaps in your schedule. Clustering online booking is here! 🥳
You can now set your calendar to cluster your online bookings together.  What this means, is that once you have an appointment booked, all subsequent appointment times offered within it’s Availability will be immediately before or after the existing appointments.  Creating a cluster of back-to-back appointments, including recovery time.  

Cluster booking is a preference available on a per-practitioner basis.  This means that some practitioners can choose to enable Cluster Online Booking, where others may choose not to.

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Date range filters now have an option for Year-To-Date.  Thanks Heather! 
When viewing the list of a Patient’s Agreements, Noterro now shows you which Intake Form it’s linked to, if it’s linked.
When viewing the list of a Patient’s Intake Forms, Noterro now shows you which Appointment it’s linked to, if it’s linked.
Auto-saving within Patient Invoices is now more clear with an auto-save badge appearing at the bottom of the invoice.
Noterro now allows you to “Check All” under a SOAP note’s Infection Prevention Procedures.
When patients book online, if your Online Booking Payment Policy requires a credit card, the supported card types are now displayed.  Thanks Dan!
We’ve corrected a bug on iOS, preventing you from adding an appointment for a patient without an email.
We’ve resolved an issue where some External Calendar Syncs were not displaying.
We’ve squashed a bug in the SOAP note preview, that prevented skimming next and previous notes.
That’s all for now, but we’ve got lots more coming!
-Your Noterro Team

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