Brand launch & new features, same week?! Yep, you heard that correctly. 😊 

While it’s been a busy week with the Noterro brand launch, it’s not slowing us down on feature development.  This week we’re releasing a highly requested feature for clinics who are not accepting new patients.

Existing Patients Only
You now have the ability to restrict your clinic’s Online Booking to existing patients only.  This means that the patient would need to already have a Patient Profile and a User Account attached to that Patient Profile.

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Bonus: Have a bunch of Patient Profiles without User Accounts?  Use the Bulk Invite Tool to send a batch of invites to Patients with email addresses on file, but no User Account.  Beware aware this could cause a surge in new bookings, but that’s not always a bad thing. 😉


Fixed a bug where logged in patients would see appointment durations including recovery time.
Visual improvements to the SOAP Note download to PDF.
Fixed a bug where Assistants couldn’t add patients.
From an appointment, if there is an Intake Form attached, you can now click the link to view the Intake Form.
Fixed a bug where some patients were not receiving emails notifications of changed appointment times.
Intake forms attached to appointments, with a delayed send are now indicated with an icon.
Fixed a bug on the Financial Summary page where sometimes the results would be blank.
Added Tax numbers to printed Invoices.

That’s all folks! Stay tuned for more ongoing updates.
-Your Noterro Team

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