Multiple Professional Identification Numbers, or “PINs” as we’ve been calling them.
We’ve just released PINs.  PINs replace the previous “Professional Registration Number” which was stored on your user account.  Now you’re able to add or remove multiple PINs on your Profile.  These PINs appear on invoices and SOAP notes just like before, but now you can store more than one.  Also, PINs are clinic-specific, so if you use different PINs at different Clinics.  Don’t feel limited by license numbers, you can also use PINs to store your Insurance Provider Number.  Learn More

Wait, what about my previous Professional Registration Number?
Glad you asked!  We’ve migrated the value you had stored in your Professional Registration Number into your first PIN.  One thing to keep in mind, is that PINs now have 2 values, a “Label” (eg: MT#) and a “Professional Identification Number” (eg: 120842-4830).  You’ll want to review your PIN incase you want to make changes now that you have the ability to split it up by Label and Number.

The Accounts Receivables report is now an aged report, showing accounts receivables broken down by 0-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days and 90+ days since invoiced.
We’ve added a few more questions to the clinical note’s infection prevention area to better support the changing events of COVID-19. πŸ˜·
Incomplete Agreements which are attached to an Intake Form are also deleted when the Intake Form is deleted.
Noterro’s algorithm which corrects poorly entered patient phone numbers for SMS and Voice reminders has been updated, improving their deliverability. πŸ€“
We’ve squashed a bug where some appointment reminder emails would show a blank location.
We’ve fixed an issue on Android where patient labels weren’t able to be added.
A few other minor bug fixes and usability improvements.

That’s all for now, but definitely stay tuned, we have some very exciting news coming over the next few weeks.

-Your Noterro Team

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