Pain affects the life, quality of life, and work of many people. In many people, pain medications can have unpleasant side effects. Considering the number of people reporting pain and its effects on quality of life, and with pain medications not necessarily being the best option, many people become interested in examining other methods of pain relief.


In a recently published article entitled, “Try a Massage to Reduce Pain,” author and expert, Dan Drangus, writes:


“Pain is the reason behind about 80 percent of physician visits in the U.S. Not only does pain, especially persistent and chronic pain, take a physical toll but it also interferes with patients’ social, mental, emotional and spiritual sides,” adding that a person struggling with pain may find it difficult to carry out daily activities and engage in social activities. Psychological health and quality of life also often suffer. Unfortunately, medication is the go-to pain treatment in the U.S. As a result, we now have an epidemic of opioid overuse and misuse, with people quickly becoming hooked on the drugs, often after taking them for chronic pain, like back pain.


“Deaths from overdosing on opioid painkillers now far surpass those from illicit street drugs.

The point is, if you’re struggling with chronic pain, it makes sense to exhaust all other options before moving on to prescription drugs. And one option that’s definitely worth trying due to its effectiveness and excellent safety record is massage,” Drangus writes.


Research indicates that massage can reduce pain and pain intensity in patients with metastatic bone pain on an immediate, intermediate and long term time frame. And Massage can reduce the incidence and frequency associated with headache pain.


“The benefits of massage therapy for pain relief are established enough that it’s commonly used during physical therapy and rehabilitation from injury. Massage also has a beneficial impact on pain just by the virtue of human touch, and may be especially effective for relieving low back pain, migraine pain and pain from carpal tunnel syndrome,” writes Drangus.


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