You help patients, we want to help you!

Today we are releasing a set of improvements to existing features.  Check out the list below, we hope you find them helpful!

SOAP Note Layout
We’ve flipped the diagram to the right side.  With this, you can now see tags being populated on your SOAP note while multi-tagging.  We’ve also improved the tags to make them easier to click/tap. 

Patient Name Matching
When adding new patients, if we detect a duplicate, we’ll let you know!  

Mobile Calendar
We have improved how you interact with the calendar on mobile devices.  Now you simply need to tap a time on the calendar to select it, and then tap a second time to create an appointment.  

Business Number
Depending on your region, you may want to display your Business Number on your Invoices/Receipts.  This is now possible. Thanks for the suggestion from our international users!

A few other updates worth mentioning:

  • We’ve updated the help menu to give more options.
  • External Calendar Sync now provides more information about the appointment.
  • Discounts were not being displayed on some views of the receipts, this has been corrected.
  • Automated phone call reminders speech improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes, usability, and performance improvements.
Thank you,
Your SOAP Vault Team


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