As COVID-19 continues to sweep the globe, people are left dealing with the side effects of job loss, economic and financial insecurity, social distancing, and major disruptions to daily life. COVID-19 and the implementation of social distancing have impacted massage therapists just as they have done to many other fields. 

Fortunately, we live in a digital age where endless services are offered to us right at our fingertips via smartphone, tablet, or computer. Although many health care professionals have made use of social media, massage therapy is a very hands-on treatment, and much of the work done cannot be done virtually.

However, there are those who are making it work.

In an article recently published in The Missourian, Justin Obert, licensed massage therapist and owner of Evexia Massage, said that he is looking into the possibility of helping his clients virtually.

“I’m with one of my colleagues right now, and we are working on making educational videos and techniques for our clients to kind of do it at home,” Obert said. “It’s something to keep my clients engaged and to let them know that we’re still here, and we still care about them.”

In another article, published recently by 2News, Massage Therapist, Robert Baum, is doing online sessions with patients. He said that most of the sessions incorporate a technique called muscle scraping, using a tool that help loosen muscles and increase blood flow.

“It’s going to help increase range of motion, muscle fatigue, you’re going to flush waste out of the area faster, so it’s just a better way to add recovery to what you do after exercise,” Baum said. “This is a self-care tool that I use every day and I try to get people to get in the habit of incorporating this into what they do, especially after foam rolling.”

He says the hope is give people the therapeutic tools they need to stay mobile until business can open back up.

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