Multi-Location (stage 2) will be released on Wednesday August 19th.

For those who plan to use the multi-location feature, here’s a quick summary.
We’re replacing the “Locations” textbox on the Calendar to be a “Locations” dropdown menu.  Transitioning is simple and only takes a couple minutes.  We even created a demo video on what to do.  Below is a quick checklist on what to do next (if you’ haven’t already).

  1. Add all of your locations.
  2. Use the migration tool to update all your existing appointments and availabilities.
  3. Set the structured location for any newly created appointments or availabilities.

On Wednesday, after we release, you will only need to save the structured Location.  Online Booking will also be based only off this field.

We recommend that all clinics, whether you use Online Booking or operate only out of 1 location still use the Migration Tool one final time after the release on Wednesday, just so your account is fully migrated over to structured locations.  It should only take about 30 seconds.  If you’re stuck, just let us know and we can help do this for you.

That’s all for now.  With structured locations in place, we’ll have the ability to build out even more great features into the calendar!  Stay tuned for more feature releases coming!

-Your Noterro Team

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