We are very excited today to announce some more updates! 

Reducing the time to complete a SOAP note is key, and with the Multi-Tagger, you can mark up your notes much faster by tagging multiple points of the body, then add the textual documentation.  Learn more.



Some other updates include:

  • Appointment Location Suggestions: Improved the results of auto-suggested appointment locations.
  • Default Calendar Start/End Time:  We’ve set a more appropriate default start and end time on new clinic calendars.  You can always change this on your own.  Learn more.
  • Tag Location: Improved the results of auto-suggested tag locations.
  • Treatments/Revenue per Day: You can now see the performance per day of the week.
  • Suggest a Tag: We’ve added back the ability to suggest a tag to the master tag list.
  • Bugs / Improvements: Minor bug fixes and improvements


Happy charting!

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