We’ve Been Working Hard All Summer! 


Yes, summer is coming to an end, but there is much to be excited about over the next few months! These are some of the new features to look forward to with many more to come.​

Online Booking Payment Policies
You will be able to set your payment policies when patients book online.  This will include:

  • Payment in full required at the time of booking.
  • Deposit required to hold the appointment.
  • Credit card on file required to hold the appointment.
Gratuity (Tips)
The billing system will allow you to accept tips, along with the ability to select pre-defined common amounts (eg: 10%, 15%, 20%)

Patient Discounts
You will be able to manage the discounts you would like to offer within your clinic, as well as set patients to have pre-set discounts (eg: Family Discount) for their product or service purchases.

Calendar Improvements
For many practitioners, the calendar is your home-base.  For that reason, speed and every click counts.  We’re making improvements for both the speed of the calendar and the number of clicks required to complete common tasks.

File Upload Previewing
Don’t want to download an uploaded file to view it?  No problem, we will be adding a file upload preview feature, similar to the SOAP note preview feature.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, many more features will be coming this fall!

Best of all, the price is still the same!

Thank you,
Your SOAP Vault Team

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