Today we’re super excited to launch a much requested feature, Patient Discounts!

You can now add Discounts to use at your clinic, apply Default Discounts for specific Patients and also apply Discounts on an invoice.  Learn more.

Discounts Report
Use the Discounts Report to identify which Discounts are most popular.  Learn more.


A few more improvements include:

  • When an appointment is changed, the practitioner’s notification email now includes when the appointment was changed from.
  • Draft notes on the Dashboard are now ordered by their treatment date.
  • We’ve renamed “Cell Phone” to “Mobile Phone” system-wide.
  • We resolved a bug where SOAP notes could not be created from the Appointment list on a Patient’s Profile page.
  • We’ve resolved a bug where pressing “Pay and Print” didn’t open the print dialog.
Thank you,
Your SOAP Vault Team

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