Viewing your Patient list, by first name, last name, or a combination of labels is now at your fingertips. This and more in the redesigned Patient list. Watch Nick demo the Patient List & Filtering redesign.


  • We’ve changed the terminology of SOAP Notes to Clinical Notes.  
  • The Appointments Report now includes the patient’s email address.  
  • Practitioners can now choose to receive an email notification for confirmed appointments.
  • Share & Save now opens up on iOS and Android using their native sharing tools.
  • Fixed a bug where the practitioner’s registration and tax number wasn’t appearing correctly on emailed invoices.
  • Agreements now display the date and time they were agreed to in the clinic’s local timezone.
  • Squashed a bug which was preventing billing codes without default prices from being added to invoices.
  • 🐞 Various usability improvements and bug fixes.

Oh, one more thing…

Noterro Snapshots – COMING SOON

Track changes and view history of conditions, injuries, surgeries and medications directly on a patient’s profile.

-Your Noterro Team

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