She/her, he/him, they/them… Pronouns matter.

Available on forms, patient profiles, and appointment details
Pronouns are now represented throughout the platform as a way to help you communicate with your patients. Learn more.

Other worthy mentions

You can now send an email from a patient’s profile that includes all of their future appointments.

While filling out a form, if a patient attempts to leave the page before saving, they receive a warning message.

When paying an invoice in full using Square, the invoice items are also saved to your Square payment record.

When adding an Insurance Policy, the Province/State defaults to that of the Clinics.

Printed or PDF’d (…is that a word?) Clinical Notes now only display the SOAP section if they are populated.

Notification templates for appointments can now make use of the Location’s email and phone variables.

Superbills now display the invoice note.

The help popover now displays the available keyboard shortcuts.

When booking a class, you can now override the number of participants.

Fixed a bug that cause the wrong diagram to be selected upon loading a Clinical Note

Fixed a bug where Form Automation was not being applied to repeating appointments after the first appointment in the group.

Minor bug fixes and usability improvements.

That’s all for now, but we’ve got lots of great features in the works!

-Your Noterro Team

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