If you’re a massage therapist and you don’t have retail products available in your office, there are 10 other massage therapists down the street who do.


In years past, booking more clients was considered the main way for massage therapists to make more money. Today, a growing number of massage therapists are offering retail items to increase income—without the time and energy costs associated with squeezing more sessions into each week.


As a massage therapist, you have an important role in retail. That role is to provide the tools and products to extend and improve the results of your massage sessions for your clients.


Communication is key.


For effective massage and spa products sales—and positive professional relationships—you must be aware of how you are sharing spa retail product information with clients.   


• Be direct and informative

• Don’t be afraid to talk about money

• Create displays and esthetics


Your retail offerings of massage products can improve patients’ overall experience and encourage self-care between appointments.


Keep the retail display simple, so it’s easy and pleasant for clients to shop inside your practice. Consider placing a basket or box of small products at the checkout area, using a card table with a nice tablecloth, or setting up clean and uncluttered shelves to present your products.


When you have your clients’ best interests at heart, they will respond to your recommendations. What will be the result? Happy clients who write positive reviews, feel great and return to you.


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