COVID-19 made massage therapists very aware of the need for increased sanitation protocols. 

Practicing massage therapy now, with enhanced sanitation, laundry and client-interaction procedures layered on top of universal precautions, looks very different than it did three months ago.

Massage therapists carry a responsibility to create an environment in which the potential for a pathogen to pass from one person to another is as close to zero as possible. 

Most massage equipment can be effectively cleaned or disinfected. The benefits of good hygienic practice go beyond conveying a sense of professionalism. Massage therapists work with skin-to-skin contact, and the risk of picking up an inadvertent infection, or of spreading one to another client, is a career-shortening occupational hazard.

While some practices remain closed, some massage businesses are open now.

The CDC, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the World Health Organization are among many entities that offer resources massage therapists can utilize.

Below is a list of resources that MTs can access for guidance on safety and sanitation as they reopen:

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