Scheduling Limits now supports Maximum Lead Time
In addition to setting your Minimum Lead Time which patients can book online, you now can also set your Maximum Lead Time.  For example, you can now have a scheduling limit policy of something like this:

Do not allow patients to book fewer than 2 hours in advance and more than 8 weeks in the future. 

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A couple intake form tweaks for COVID-19 questionnaires
Require Viewing of Agreements
You now can control how much you want to enforce the display of your agreements while patients complete their intake form.  When you create an agreement, you can “Require viewing of agreement to agree.”.  Patients will be required to open the agreement in order to check the agreement box.
Intake Form Optional Fields
We’ve made the Medical Info section of the intake forms optional.  Disabling this section will greatly reduce the size of the intake form.  This should be helpful for very specific forms like the COVID-19 questionnaire.  COVID-19 screening.

Calendar v2’s mini-calendar now highlights which days are currently visible.

The Service Duration variable in notifications to patients is now formatted as “30 min” instead of just “30”.

The Accounts Receivables report now loads much quicker! ðŸ§®

Intake form emails to patients now include the name of the intake form.

The green SOAP tag has been darkened for better visibility. 

Fixed a bug where intake form previews didn’t close properly.

Fixed a bug where some past appointments weren’t appearing on the patient’s profile.

That’s all for now folks, but we’ll keep the updates coming!

-Your SOAP Vault Team

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