Only 1 week has passed since we launched the new billing system, and we’ve received a lot of great feedback.  As always, we value your suggestions very much and have already applied a few of them.  Also, we’ve released the first of many reports which will be coming over the next few weeks.  Below is a summary of what was deployed today! 😊


Service Sales Report
Similar to the previous “Finances” report you now have the ability to filter a report by Patient/Client, Practitioner and Date Range to see a break down of sales for each service.  You can also export this report to CSV.


Auto-Practitioner Setting
In clinics with a single Practitioner, Services added to an invoice automatically have the Practitioner set.
Protip: If you’re logged in as a Practitioner in a multi-Practitioner clinic, and you add an item to an invoice, you will automatically be set as well.


Various Usability Improvements

  • Calendar interaction from mobile devices has been greatly improved.
  • Invoices which are linked to appointments are indicated.
  • iOS/Android compatibility improvements
  • Ensuring PDF receipts follow the on/off rules for Upcoming Appointments
  • Receipt design touchups


Best of all, SOAP Vault remains at only $19/month!  

The SOAP Vault Team


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