Many massage practitioners provide care based on the time and labor-intensive model they learned in school. If the desire of the massage therapist is to make a reasonable living from practicing massage, this 60 minute, all hands-on model limits massage therapists’ capacity to provide care, induces repetitive strain over time, and limits the ability to generate sufficient means.


But what if we could challenge and re-engineer the well-accepted one hour model to provide better care for even more patients/clients in a day, while reducing stress and strain and improving our income potential?


In a recently-published article entitled, “The Soil and the Seeds: Grow a Garden of Regular Clientele,” author and expert, Kathy Ginn, writes:


“Soil must be healthy in order for the seed to grow; it is the source of what grows and blossoms. We can trust the seeds to grow along with producing a robust crop when the soil is rich and healthy,” adding that she believes it is believing you can.


“Your mindset is crucial to success in life. There is a saying by Henry Ford: ‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.’ When we think and believe in more abundance, we shall receive more abundantly. This is why we must carry a deep desire to serve our clients and hold a belief in ourselves and the value of our work. Together, these will direct our path into success,” she writes.


Massage therapy is a growing industry that is on course to continue expanding. It was a $12 billion business in 2015 and is projected to grow 22 percent in the next 8 years (BIS World Industry Report & Bureau of Labor Statistics).


Continued growth of the demand for massage therapists and public education of the benefits of massages to overall health and wellness means it’s a smart time to start or grow your massage therapy business.


“Growing a garden of regular clients takes more than the tools of effective business practices. It is also filled with the richness of offering your clients your best self each and every day, and of seeing yourself as the master gardener, tending your garden with great care,” she writes.


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