Today is one of our most exiting releases!  Whether you’re new to Square or you’re already processing with them, you can now connect your SOAP Vault account with Square.  
Why use Square?
Integrate and use Square’s hardware to swipe, tap or insert credit cards for in-person transactions.

What about Bambora?
Bambora is still available and we recommend it for card-not-present transactions like online booking payments or saved credit card payments.  Bambora’s rates are usually lower than Square’s for these types of transactions.  Connect with both Bambora and Square to get the best of both worlds.

We have put together a few videos to help you get started with Square on SOAP Vault.

▶️Watch Now 
Setting up Square and making a Square Payment on Desktop
Square Payments from the SOAP Vault iOS app
Square Payments on SOAP Vault with iOS + Safari

Thank you,
Your SOAP Vault team

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