Massage therapy is a very physical job and far too many therapists are experiencing pain and burnout that is totally avoidable. Massage does not have to be hard on your body or be a short career.


In a recently published article entitled, “Simple Daily Steps to a Pain-Free Massage Career,” author and expert, Paul Kleiman, writes:


“Massage requires repetitive movements of the hands and arms under considerable force for a prolonged period of time. Pain would seem inevitable. Learning to use your hands efficiently, using elbows and fists instead of fingers and thumbs, for example, can help you to achieve a pain-free experience.”


With some simple corrections, you can change things so that you can treat clients with far less effort and extend your career many years. You’ve invested a lot of time and effort into your training, so why not get the most return on investment?


“Techniques such as deep tissue, shiatsu and trigger point therapy require more use of hands and thumbs. As a shiatsu practitioner, I was blessed with strong thumbs, but those hours can add up and cause strain,” Kleiman writes, adding, “You can use elbows or fists for deep tissue, but sometimes the area you’re working may be too small, or you want the finer touch of using thumbs and fingers, so even if we know we shouldn’t overuse our digits, we often end up doing just that.”


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