Medical Documentation for the 21st Century.


High-speed communications, and the ability to access any information you require instantly, is synonymous with 21st century life. You’re able to connect with friends and loved ones without the hindrance of time and space. You can even take intense university courses online. So why should something so vital as medical documentation be different? That’s where SOAP Notes come in.


In an article entitled “How SOAP Notes Paved the Way for Modern Medical Documentation”,  the author states that the SOAP Note was introduced in the 1970s by Dr. Lawrence Weed under the title Problem Oriented Medical Record. The idea of implementing a system to document medical records was revolutionary, as it had never been done before.


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SOAP Vault Can Tap You into the Power.


Since then SOAP Notes have become so prevalent among physicians and massage therapists that using the system is unquestionable. And SOAP Vault can tap you into the power it possesses.


SOAP Vault utilizes state-of-the-art technology to make your life easier. We’ve developed and implemented a system that makes creating SOAP notes simple and fast. And our powerful software is presented to you on an elegantly designed interface that’s easy to navigate and use.


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