No more double entry

You can now seamlessly connect TELUS eClaims to Noterro. This means you can perform eligibility checks and submit insurance claims directly from a Noterro invoice.

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Mighty Noterro, humble price
Yup, that’s right, you will be able to run your entire clinic including insurance and TELUS eClaims submissions for $20/month.

Less paperwork & paper waste

  • Lower your patients’ out-of-pocket expenses, by only charging them for the portion not covered by their insurer.
  • Cut down the hassle of insurance paperwork for your patients.
  • Improve the experience at your clinic and build patient loyalty.
  • Reduce your credit card fees and increase follow-up appointments.

No more surprises
With Eligibility Checks, you can check the coverage for a service before you actually run the claim. This is great for communicating expectations with your patients before their service begins, so there’s no surprises later.

Watch Nick demonstrate how to submit a claim

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-Your Noterro Team

Thousands of Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, and other health care professionals rely on Noterro to run their clinics.

Your time is money. Put Noterro to work today and start simplifying your clinic life.