Debunking the Most Common of Massage Myths

A vast swath of people believe that massage therapy may be too expensive, that the RMT will judge their body if they’re not in tip-top shape, or that massage hurts (what?!).

In a recently published article entitled, “Debunking Massage Myths That Scare Potential Clients the Most,” the experts at Massage Magazine put together a list of the top 8 massage myths, and debunk them!  

Top 8 Massage Myths:

1. Exposure

“Exposure is a game changer for many people, especially for first-time clients,” said Stephenson. “There is a power differential between a therapist and client. People feel vulnerable when they take off their clothes. It’s important for people to know that there are proper draping techniques that therapists are trained in, and that the amount of clothing a person wears during a massage is optional. They can be fully clothed if they prefer. This is totally up to the client.”

2. Body Image Issues

A good massage therapist is never judgmental and may very well have a team of local specialists to whom they can refer troubled clients.

3. It’s Too Expensive

Cost is subjective for most people. If massage is important, sacrifice certain entertainment elements in your budget, or  it can be as simple as a trade-off, substituting a massage for two or three meals out during the month.


4. Massage Hurts

Massage therapists typically offer a variety of pressures and types of massage. Swedish massage, for example, is typically more relaxing, whereas deep tissue and sports massage might be more oriented to helping cope with injuries and sore muscles. Massage clients should be able to ask for what they want in any session.

5. I Need to go to a Therapist Often to Get Any Results

While it’s true that therapists may recommend more frequent massages for certain conditions, such as back pain or plantar fasciitis, the goal is to leverage massage therapy for healing, so that clients can achieve a maintenance level where fewer massages are necessary.

6. Gender Bias

The ratio of women to men receiving massages used to be about 80:20, but not anymore. Men have become more savvy about the health benefits and they have more location options.

7. Drink Lots of Water

There was a time when it was believed drinking water before and after a massage would eliminate toxins from the body. This has been debunked.

8. Prenatal Massage is Dangerous

While it was believed that pregnant women should not get a massage, particularly in the first trimester, this belief most likely came about because more miscarriages occur during this time. Now, therapists are being trained and certified in prenatal massage and the risks are minimal.

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