We can all agree that massage therapy is one of the most effective and important components in today’s health care system. However it could be a challenge to handle several patients at the same time, that’s why massage therapy software can help.

So why are some massage therapists not compensated accordingly? Why are some massage therapists not able to live a life that includes abundant security, relaxation, self-care, education, adventure, or anything else that they may desire?

The answer is a complicated one.


It all comes down to what each massage therapist needs in determining how much money is needed to pay for the lifestyle he or she wants.


The U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics states that demand for massage therapy is expected to increase by 20 per cent between 2010 and 2020, a rate that is higher than other occupations.

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How can you get a jump on this trend and earn a higher wage?


First look at the financial aspects of running a practice, such as fee-setting, marketing and sales.


Another strategy could be to appeal to multiple client types by offering different kinds of massages.


You could also consider starting a membership program for your business. In this model, clients pay a preset amount each month in order to access massage services. Enrolling high numbers of clients into automatic payment programs can help generate regular income, and not all clients may take advantage of their monthly massage availability.


Check out this recently published article entitled “This Is What the Highest-Earning Massage Therapists Have in Common” by massagemag.com for more tips to achieve your earning potential.


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Given today’s technological ubiquity, and the success apps and mobile software have seen in recent years, it seems almost natural that the most unexpected industries would climb aboard and rub shoulders with the kingpins of tech innovators.


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It was once quite a laborious task of the brick-and-mortar business model to manage client intake forms, scheduling, financial documentation and ensure the security of all files, but Noterro has solved that issue by streamlining all things pertinent to your massage practice directly through one superb piece of software.

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