Sports massage therapy is one of the more popular sectors in the massage profession.  It really isn’t a specific technique or method called Sports Massage.  It really is more about learning to apply the principles of massage to everyone who engages in physical activity and sports of any kind.  It could be helping someone who just works out regularly at the gym to keep in shape to someone who works out for 8 hours a day to compete at the Olympics or on a professional sports team.

New to Sports Massage Therapy? Here’s a complete guide! [Link]

In a recently-published article entitled, “How to Make it as a Pro Sports Massage Therapist,” author and pro sports massage therapist, BJ Dowlen, writes:

“Rejection, experience, hard work, and discretion are all necessary components of making it a pro sports massage therapist. Before you consider becoming a pro sports massage therapist, you should prepare yourself to endure some, or a lot, of rejection,” adding that she was very fortunate to attend high school in central New Jersey with one of the best public school football coaches in the country, Warren H. Wolf, who allowed her to work with his head athletic trainer both her junior and senior years of high school.

“I learned how to fix equipment, tape up shin splints and ankle injuries, stretch out athletes, massage out cramps and lift 50-pound jugs of sports drinks,” she writes.

Dowlen says that the head trainer, “Bear,” told her that she’d better work twice as hard as anyone else, and maintain a calm, relaxing smile on her face, because, as a woman aspiring to work in the pro sports arena, she would need to do this every day to prove herself.

“He was right,” she writes. “Upon completing massage school, I used my free time to work on first responders.”

How to get into Sports Massage Therapy?

Most schools will offer some type of basic training so that you can get some ideas of what it is and how to start thinking about working with athletes. It is usually enough information to get you started working with weekend athletes and people who work out regularly.

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