Is Implementing Corporate Chair Massage in Your Business Really Worth It?


When it comes to stress, you can’t take it lightly. And there are few things in life more stressful than the workplace. Stress can take a toll on your mind, body and spirit. Simply put: we need to take some time to relax! But, of course, there’s never any time after work to pamper yourself and grab some much-needed R&R, what with the kids, family life or other obligations. So when are you supposed to find time to unwind?


Corporate chair massage might be a solution. And not only for you — the business owner — but for your employees. But, is it worth it? Well, in just a moment, we’ll outline the top 10 reasons why your business should implement corporate chair massage today.


(The below data was extracted from a study conducted by Incorporate Massage.)    


Top 10 Reasons Why You And Your Employees Need Corporate Chair Massage

1. Reduces stress

  • A 85% stress reduction was measured using data before and after corporate chair massage was enacted   

2. Decreases anxiety and depression

  • A 26% reduction of anxiety was measured, and a 28% improvement in depression

3. Relieves muscle tension and pain

  • A 48% decrease in back pain and tension

4. Improves quality of sleep

  • A 28% improvement in sleep quality

5. Relieves headaches

  • A 48% decrease in headache duration and intensity

6. Lowers blood pressure

  • An average of a 6% drop in blood pressure, which may not sound like a lot. But that’s literally the difference between a hypertensive blood pressure and normal one

7. Prevents repetitive strain injuries

  • Weekly chair massage reduces the occurrence of repetitive stress injuries by 37%.

8. Increases immune function

  • The good cells of the body perform 35% better as one of the benefits of corporate chair massage

9. Treats carpal tunnel and tendonitis

  • People with carpal tunnel and tendonitis issues see a decrease in pain and discomfort by 14%


10. Increases focus, energy and mental clarity

  • Employees in two studies show increased alertness, speed and accuracy on math computations following treatment.


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