Massage Therapy, Like Any Business, Can’t Sell Itself — It’s Up To You


Life is stressful. As long as there’s something to stress us out, we, as humans, will seek the means the relieve this stress. And what better way to do so than by getting a massage?


As a massage therapy business owner, the word of your service might be easy enough to spread as the clients come in, but how do you get those initial clients that will inevitably help to grow your business?


“Coming up with marketing ideas for massage therapists can be quite challenging. It’s your job, then, to be creative to make sure your business stands out from your competitors,”writes Kedzie Teller, Social Content Specialist at OutboundEngine.


Here are 5 marketing secrets that will help you grow your business.


1: Share Helpful Information


The average public has grown accustomed to tuning out ads. Do your target market a service and share information that’s helpful, informative and entertaining.


“Whether through social media, email, or even paper fliers, provide your clients with helpful information that will keep them coming back for more,” he writes.

2: Create Great Content


Great content means something your target market wants to, and is drawn to, consume.


“While sharing links, photos and stories from third-party sources is a great way to stay top-of-mind, you can’t rely on them alone. You need to establish yourself as an expert,” he writes.

3: Build Your Personal Brand


If you want to stand out from other massage therapists, you need to show your personality and create relationships with your clients.


“The goal should be to connect, not to collect. Try a fun, playful and casual tone that transforms you from a business into a friend,” he writes.

4: Offer Exclusive Incentives

It’s time to reward your target audience, and let them know that following you comes with great benefits!


“By now you’ve gotten your clients’ attentions and, if all has gone well, you’ve engaged with them in some way. It’s time to remind them that building a relationship with you comes with great benefits.”

5: Ask for Something in Return


Once your target audience is fully engaged, convert them into customers by getting not only their information, but referrals for others that might require your service.


“All good relationships benefit both parties involved, so make sure you’re getting something back from your clients: contact information and referrals.”


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